24/7 MEDCALL (Telemedicine)

24/7 MEDCALL is an inexpensive telemedicine program that provides immediate phone consultation with a board certified physician 24 hours per day 365 days per year and unlimited consultations for your entire household. The monthly subscription is only $19.95 per month and you will receive 30% of that subscription fee every month your customer is active. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO PURCHASE THE PLAN YOURSELF UNLESS YOU WANT TO. I urge you to look at the benefits of the plan because it provides much more than just physician phone consultations.

We invite you to become part of our growing team of agents. This opportunity will cost you nothing to participate and can generate a fast growing residual income for you every month.

As an agent of 24/7 MEDCALL, you will receive a free website and we will never charge you for maintaining that website. You will get marketing support as needed Feel free to market this program at your own pace and there is no minimum sales requirements. Just send interested people to your website.

To learn more, click on the below link. Feel free to call your sponsor (The CE Place) during normal working hours at 760-743-5223 or mobile 760-271-3633 for assistance and advice.

Click here to go to the 24/7 MedCall website


  • Click the above link to go to the website
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the home page
  • Just below the word “AGENT” click on “SIGN UP”
  • You will need to enter the pass code: water
  • Then register to become an agent. It only takes two minutes
  • You will receive an email with important information and your website link.