1. Register with us and select your state of employment.
  2. Determine how many self-study continuing education units (CEU) are required by your state.
  3. Login to your new profile to review the available course tests which provide the required CEUs.
  4. Purchase the course test(s). 
  5. Purchase, borrow, check out from the library the related course paper book or e-book.
  6. Read the course book.
  7. Take the course test(s).
  8. You can take the course as many times as needed to pass it with no additional charge.
  9. Once you pass the course you will receive a certificate showing the number of CEUs you received along with the accreditation from CRCE (AARC) or the California Board of Nursing (CBRN).
  10. Your certificate can be downloaded and emailed to any recipient who requires a copy.