About TheCEPlace

Our concept is to take best selling text books of current topics of interest, and create continuing education courses around the books. The books are published by the top medical publishers in the industry and are readily available from Amazon.com, national book chains like Walden's Books, Barnes & Noble, Borders Books, or the publishers themselves online or at book stores down the street from where you live.

Used text books at discounted prices are readily available online at Amazon.com and other locations on the internet. Our web site has direct links to each book at Amazon.com to make it easy for you to order, but you may acquire the book anywhere you prefer.

The books are a great asset for personal or department libraries, and are authored by known experts in their fields.

The requirement for continuing education by our state boards can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor that is oftentimes an annoyance and frustration we have to include in our busy personal and professional lives. Oftentimes, this responsibility is delayed to the very end before we are due to renew our license, and then we are scurrying to meet our responsibility.

Unique Method

We, the website owners, as therapists' and nurses, also experienced these frustrations in our careers. That's why we developed our unique method for you to secure your required continuing education hours. The topics are current, the book prices are affordable and the testing process is fast and affordable.

Where to Buy or Borrow

It's easy, just buy or borrow the book new or used anywhere, including the library, or just click on the Amazon.com button provided on our website to order. When the book arrives, read the book. Then, go online to www.TheCePlace.com, pay the fee, and take the "self assessment" test. Lastly, print out your "certificate of completion" online on our website. You're done.

The cost for the test is affordable. We maintain the required records as the provider of the continuing education course in the event of audit by your state.

We are current practicing Respiratory Therapists and Nurses who maintain the business and the web site.

If you have any suggestions or questions, email us at support@theceplace.com

So, spread the word about www.TheCePlace.com

Thanks for your support!

TheCePlace.com Staff