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The place for continuing education for Respiratory Therapists & Nurses


  • ALL TEST'S ARE 15 CE'S AND $40

    12/30/2017 - 10:10am ALL courses are 15 CE's and $40. Some of the course reference text books have two courses within one book. With the two course book you will only have to pay for one course book for two tests, but if you want to take two tests using that one course book you will have to purchase two tests. If you only need 15 CE's to renew your license you can use the first half of course book for 15 CE's and use the second half of the book on your next license renewal in two years.

    05/11/2016 - 10:36pm THE COURSE BOOK - IT IS MANDATORY TO READ AND STUDY THE COURSE BOOK BEFORE COMPLETING THE TEST. YOU CAN PURCHASE THE BOOK AT THE LINK ON OUR HOMEPAGE, OR YOU CAN BORROW THE BOOK FROM A CO-WORKER. THE TEST - YOU NEED TO SCORE 100% TO PRINT A CERTIFICATE BUT THE ANSWERS ARE PROVIDED AFTER YOU TAKE THE TEST SO READ THE ANSWERS THEN RETAKE THE TEST. THEN PRINT CERTIFICATE After you take the test click SUBMIT. If you pass you will be able to print the certificate. If you fail then scroll down to see the questions you answered incorrectly. The correct answer will display. Write the correct answer on a sheet of paper. Then scroll back up and click TAKE TEST AGAIN. You will only need to answer those questions you got incorrect. The correct answers from your previous try will already be checked. Choose your answers, then click SUBMIT FOR GRADING. If you fail again, repeat this process. Now you can print your certificate or save on your computer.


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